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Past Projects

Past Projects

Name of Project
Classic Documentation
Source of Project
The mid-term  implementation evaluation of <The National Medium and Long-term S&T Program>  “System Reform and Construction of National Innovation System ”S&T Ministry
The implementation research in  Chinese Typical cities’ introducing overseas S&T innovative talents policyS&T Ministry
The project report on policy tracking and case study of Innovative pilot cities (districts)Shanghai S&T Commission
Research on the idea and countermeasures of building talent highland in Shanghai Zhangjiang hi tech  ZoneS&T Ministry
Study on collaborative innovation mechanism of policies in all parks of Shanghai Zhangjiang hi tech ZoneShanghai S&T Commission
The development evaluation of Shanghai Zhangjiang hi tech ZoneZhangjiang management Commission
The survey of supervision and evaluation of national key science and innovation policies implemented in ShanghaiS&T Ministry
Research on the science of science and technology policy and the system of Shanghai science and technology policyShanghai S&T Commission
Research on innovation management and policy service system in Jiading park of Shanghai Zhangjiang hi tech ZoneZhangjiang management Commission

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