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A brief introduction of Shanghai Institute of Science & Technology Management

Function Orientation

Building three bases with the concept of Shanghai as its focus and the entire nation as its target. The three bases are the training base for technology innovation and management, the research base for technology innovation and soft science, the cultivation base for high quality technical personnel.

Core Spirit

Pragmatic, innovative, service first, people-oriented

Service Philosophy

Centering around national strategy, cultivating innovative talent, following close to scientific development and devoting to educational business.

Shanghai Institute of Science & Technology Management is situated in Jiading District ---- a small town with a long history and known for its international auto industry. SISTM (hereinafter referred to as “SISTM”) was founded in 1980 with the permission of Shanghai Municipal Government under Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. It is the training base for cadres in Shanghai Science and Technology System. It is also the training base for Technology Innovation and Spark Program directly conducted by the State Science and Technology Ministry. In 1994, with the approval of the State Ministry of Education, it became a college of higher education for adults. At present SISTM has a stable and professional team of teachers and researchers, with 103 staff members, over 50 of whom have intermediate or senior professional titles, and a number of noted part-time professors. SISTM is comprised of the Training Center, the Management Department, the English Department, the Electronic Information Department and the Institute for Science and Technology Policy. It provides excellent facilities and service for teaching, living and entertainment.

SISTM has trained more than 80,000 people including scientific and technical management personnel, the Communist Party and government officials, technical professionals and college students ever since its foundation. Cadre training is directed toward the nation-wide Technology and Innovation Management personnel with scientific management as one of its distinguishing features. Focusing on the central task of Shanghai science and technology development, SISTM aims at serving science and technology organizations, research institutions, science and technology enterprises and science parks, and has been carrying on its training for science and technology innovative talents, and the rural practical technology talents as well as continuing education. Since the strategy of West Development was conducted from 1998, we have trained more than 10,000 science and technology management personnel from 23 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in Midwest and northeast in the form of ‘bringing in" and "going out” for the purpose of Science and technology support and partner assistance.

Academic education is job-oriented. Much importance is attached to the construction of diversity training systems for the development of students’ comprehensive vocational skills and the cultivation of high-quality skilled professionals. At present SISTM is conducting college degree education part-time for adults and full-time for students receiving higher vocational education in six majors in various forms of cooperation in education operation.

Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Policy —— the research base for soft science under Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, focuses its attention on research on development policies in some major fields, such as innovation management, science-technology manpower and regional science-technology in Shanghai and across the country. It has been engaged in offering scientific basis for the decision-making of the government and intellectual support for the cadre-training. In recent years, it has also undertaken quite a few subjects of the State Ministry of Science and Technology, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai and Zhangjiang high-tech zone, covering talent policy, regional innovation, intermediary services, the construction of high-tech zones and so on.

SISTM has contributed immensely to the cadre training of the whole nation’s science and technology management and to the continuing education of technical personnel. In 2010, SISTM was awarded the community who had made outstanding achievements in the nation’s west large-scale development by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. In 2009,SISTM was ranked as the advanced group in cooperation and exchanges and counterpart support in Shanghai and in 2006 was entitled “The national most advanced group in talent development service in Shanghai”. SISTM has already won the title of Shanghai Model Unit for 14 consecutive years.

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