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Organization Introduction

A Brief Introduction of the Training Center

The Training Center is an internal department mainly to undertake cadres training, enterprise training and social training. It aims to train and upgrade cadres of management of science and technology at all levels and also various innovative talents. It adheres to the core spirit of “seeking truth and being pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, service first and talents cultivation orientation” and the philosophy of “subject to national strategy, cultivating innovative talents, following close to the development of science and technology, devoting to education.

The Center has carried out its innovative talents training from across the country, with science and technology innovation management as its training feature and human resources, intellectual property, modern enterprise administration as its specialty. Ever since 1988, after the West Development, the Center has undergone more than 180 training classes from 23 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the Midwest, the Northeast, and has trained over 10,000 sci-tech cadres and talents. Simultaneously, the Center, revolving around the central work of Shanghai science and technology, providing services for research agencies, institutes,  technology enterprises, science and technology parks, has been engaged in the training of creative sci-tech talents, practical farming skills  and updating continuing education in the country. The Center has also provided trainings for Shanghai science and technology management departments, research institutes, and nearly 300 Shanghai innovative enterprises in the following aspects such as science and technology management, science and technology policy, technology innovation, etc.  Apart from that, the Center has carried out continuing education necessary for innovation personnel, Shanghai accountants, and national qualification certificate training for exhibition narrators. All these trainings have met with widespread public approval.

A great team, made up of professional teachers, leaders at all levels in the field and experts and scholars from all sectors of society, has gradually formed in the long-term teaching practice. Abundant training resources and experience have been accumulated in the aspects such as science and technology innovation management, innovation and regional economic development, science and technology policy, enterprise independent innovation ability. The Center has been persistent in its effort to create a training base of science and technology management with Shanghai characteristics and influence  both in domestic and international.

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