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Adult Education

A Brief Introduction of Adult Education

In 1994, Shanghai Institute of Science & Technology Management was approved as an independent set of state-run adult college to carry out specialty diploma education, capable of issuing junior college certificate offering the following majors such as Industrial and Commercial Management, E-commerce, Logistics Management, Business Japanese, English Secretary, etc.. Ever since 2001, upgraded education has been carried on in collaboration with Donghua University and Shanghai Normal University.

SISTM lays much emphasis on providing services for Jiading regional economy and its curriculum design is close to the market demand. SISTM has undertaken all kinds of post training and special topic teaching for multiple enterprises and institutions and its teaching quality has won universal praise.

Up to now, SISTM has undertaken exam trainings such as Public English Test System, National Computer Rank Examination, Title English Test, etc. and some test-station service work as well. It has played an active role in the construction of the learning-type city.

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