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Training Courses

Political Theory:

1. Implementing the spirit of the Eighteenth National Congress and accelerating the strategy on innovation

2. Studying and implementing the spirit of the Eighteenth National Congress, and enhancing the scientific management of the party-building

3. The current international situation and China’s diplomacy

4. Adhering to China Road: the richness and innovation of the socialist theory with Chinese characteristics brought about by the Eighteenth National Congress

5. Driven by innovation, transformation and development---the ideas and thoughts of Shanghai taking the lead in transforming  the patterns of economic development

Economy Management

1. Innovation management and management innovation

2. The improvement of innovation capacity and management capacity

3. New industry fostering and regional economic development

4. Boosting economic construction in coordination with industrialization, urbanization and modernization of agriculture

Scientific and Technological Innovation

1. Independent innovation and its enlightenment of the Yangtze River Delta

2. The trends and characteristics of modern science and technology development

3. The current economic restructure and technological innovation hot spots

4. Modes of university technology transfer and case analysis

5. Building innovative country and independent innovation

6. Innovation management under the environment of economic transition

7. Transformation of science and technology achievements and industrialization development

8. System reform of science and technology and innovation management of science and technology

9. Shanghai science and technology situation and development ideas

10. Transformation of science and technology achievements and industrialization development

11. The practice of business incubator in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

12. The state and local science and technology policies and operating practices

13. Model construction of independent innovation and interpretation of the twelfth 5-year plan in high-tech zones

14. The role of intellectual property in the innovation process

Modern Farming

1. The status quo and the trend of agricultural science and technology development

2. A way of modern agriculture development (Innovation and development of modern agriculture)

3. The development and planning of the rural tourism industry

4. The development trends and characteristics of Shanghai culture industry

5. The development of cultural creative industries

6. The construction of new rural areas and the protection of ecological environment

7. The protection and development of ethnic cultural tourism resources

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