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Director Yang Yaowu Went to Gansu to Attend the National Seminar on Technology Foresight

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On September 18, 2020, the "15th National Symposium on Technology Foresight" was held in Zhangye City, Gansu Province. Yang Yaowu,Director of SISTP, Dr. Wei Xiwu, Dr. Fan Xiao attended the meeting. The theme of the seminar was "Technology Evaluation and Foresight”. A total of 16 experts and scholars gave the theme report of the conference. More than 180 experts and scholars from nearly 70 institutions in 20 provincesparticipated in the seminar.Director Yang Yaowu was invited to give a keynote report entitled “Suggestions on Regional Innovation Frontier Hotspots Driven by Vision”. DirectorYang Yaowu and his delegation also investigated the regional innovation and the scientific and technological cooperation in Gansu, especially the intellectual property rights, the East-West science and technology think tank, and the regional innovation cooperation under the background of "TheBelt and Road". (Fan Xiao)

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